Stressy-Jessie and the Lady of Light

There is a lady at my work who everybody likes. I don’t have a whole lot to do with her, but I chat with her socially whenever we happen to cross paths in the kitchen. She is gentle and calm and positive, which are all super qualities to bring to a workplace. And not only that, but she is genuinely liked and respected.

Just last week, I happened to run into her on the street, as I was heading out to get my much-needed afternoon caffeine fix. We were both on our way to different places, but stopped to chat. And wow. She brought this energy with her that was truly beautiful and I couldn’t help but be affected by it. So calm and centred and present. So warm and caring and… well, just filled with light.

And this is a woman who, in the current government job cuts, has been demoted and had half her team, her car park and her salary cut. Oh, and her much-loved family dog died a few weeks ago. All of this, yet the woman is a beacon of calmness. It emanated from her. In our brief ten minute chat, in an entirely non-preachy way, she managed to calm me, encourage me and reassure me. And I didn’t even know I needed any of those things!

Our encounter also left me with the reaffirmed knowledge that we are responsible for our own energy. It is a choice. We can cultivate it so that people walk away from us feeling filled with light, or conversely, sucked in to the stress. And it made me wonder about how I sometimes fail dismally in this regard…

For way too long, I have struggled when coping with stress. I just get too caught up in it and end up feeling tired, sick and wrung out. And completely disappointed in myself. I end up feeling the stress hormones surging through my system and I become unable to stop my mind worrying over it like a dog with a super-tasty bone. Usually I end up eating or trying to find some other way to numb it down (which, surprisingly [!!] doesn’t work!).

At the moment, I work for someone who could politely be called a drama queen. And I find it so very difficult to not get sucked into her whirlpool of fluster and bluster, even though I can intellectually recognise that it is pointless and not serving me. I end up taking it on, and – worse – taking it home.

My Dad once sat me down and said that he loved me and thought I was amazing (I have an awesome Dad!) but that if I didn’t address how I react to stress, I would never grow into the person I could be. That I’m meant to be. I found that difficult to hear, but it was also arrow-to-the-heart true…

So I left my conversation with the Lady-of-Light, had my coffee, then came back to my desk and immediately did something I’ve been meaning to do forever: I booked an appointment with a lady to learn some new techniques for dealing with stress and managing your energy. She came highly recommended from a friend of a friend, and is half counselor, half hippy, half healer (yes, that is three halves!). Hopefully, just the right amount of woo-woo and practical.

Seeking help and answers from someone who knows more than me is an active step to move forward – I don’t want to just keep on keeping on. So, I will report back with what I learn and what I discover. It already feels good to tick something off my to-do list and to be actively making my health and wellness a priority. So stay tuned!!!

Do you feel like you deal with stress well?


10 Responses to “Stressy-Jessie and the Lady of Light”

  1. Maddison @ Miss Imperfect

    It’s so difficult when dealing with stress, I guess I can change the way I look at it but sometimes it feels like your in a vacuum and you life can be going along okay you can be having a great time but if there is that huge stress you always just feel it there, following you around.
    I certainly am feeling the affects especially my mind with the much loved stress of Uni exams, I try to cope as best as I can which is good but theres some things that you just have to buck up and get through, thankfully I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Jess

      Uggghh, uni exams used to be so freaking stressful! Hope they all go well!! xo

  2. Lucent Imagery

    This Lady of Light sounds so wonderful. I loved reading of your interaction with her. I’m sure she is someone that people want to keep around. I’m visiting your blog for the first time. it’s gorgeous! I hope that the appointment with the coach is beneficial.

    • Jess

      Thank you L.I.! Will definitely fill everyone in on the appointment… Thank you for swinging by! xo

    • Jess

      Me too! It’s a real gift to be able to leave people feeling blessed and uplifted by your presence… xo

  3. Fi

    Everyone needs a lady of light in their lives. I came here in a roundabout way and love what I am reading on your blog

    • Jess

      Thank you so much Fi! Roundabout ways are great for random discoveries!!! xo

  4. Scott L Vannatter

    Stress is a killer, literally. I know that one for certain. Having “died” on the table from a massive stroke and managed to come back, I can say with all honesty, too much stress for too long is not at all good for you.
    Since the stroke, I have realized a lot of things. One of those is that we bring a lot of that stress on ourselves. Another big one is that, whatever stress we don’t bring on ourselves, is manageable. By that I mean we can either deal with it by changing our attitude or our circumstances. The “Oh me, I am stuck and can do nothing about it. The stress is killing me.” person is doomed because they do not / will not see that they are still in charge. Now, that I read this back, I think I have a post here! Wow. See what sharing does?
    I loved your interview with Adrianna. That’s where I found your blog.

    • Jess

      Thanks so much Scott! That’s a crazy example of stress affecting the body. I absolutely agree that it’s all about attitude. It still blows my mind how many of us feel the need to wear our stress as a badge of pride – a sign of our importance and status… I have definitely been guilty of that in the past, but no longer, my friend!