So much goodness…


Reading good writing makes my innards sing and my heart flutter and my stomach sigh. Occasionally accompanied by a stab of jealousy (until I remind myself that There Is Enough Pie, Jessica. More than enough. Oodles, in fact. And whilst you might sometimes yearn for key lime or pumpkin pie, your particular brand of coconut-cream pie is just fine, thank you very much!). But usually just with that glow of having read and experienced something just that little bit transcendent.

Over my Christmas holidays, I read a few things that I thought were worth sharing. They are varied in their content, but all similarly wonderful in their quality.


1. This is an article from the New Yorker magazine about a pickpocket. Sounds random? It is. It is also wonderful.

2. Sarah Wilson is one of my favourite writers. Here, she smacked me in the face with her words (again). This time, on the perils of the festive season and the heightened emotions that it brings.

3. Leo Babatua’s piece on how he changed his life isn’t flowery or fancy or filled with big words. But it is an awesome example of truthful writing, and all the more powerful for its simplicity. Which, really, is what he’s all about

4. And finally, not words but images. I recently discovered this Tumblr account, called Fit Girl in the Real World. The lovely Camelia curates beautiful images of health, wellness and some crazy awesome yoga. Take care if you are looking at this whilst at work, cos a lot of the yoga pictures are a little bit lacking in clothing…!