Only crazy people renovate!

Only crazy people renovate

My gorgeous boyfriend and I are renovating a house at the Sunshine Coast. At the moment it is — shall we say — “a renovator’s dream”. By which I mean that it is a glorified shell of a beach shack. But oh how we hold such big hopes for the wee one! We’ve spent the past few months tearing things down and stripping things back, and then a couple of weeks ago, we got to actually start constructing  (which feels waaaay better than destructing, like we’re actually — finally — getting somewhere!).

It’s quite primitive living at the moment. We have no internal walls, but most of our external ones (woo!). We jokingly refer to the lack of internal walls as a ‘new concept in open plan living’. It definitely makes going to the toilet a whole lotta fun! Adam will just pee whenever (boys!) but I’m constantly having to ask him to go to the other end of the house so I can pee (I drink a lot of water and have a bladder the size of a freaking walnut, so this happens all the time!) and whenever either of us needs to do twosies… Well, let’s just say that last week there was an ‘incident’ when Adam re-entered the house before I was ready and couldn’t understand why his happy-shiny-lovely girlfriend suddenly became a shrieking banshee (boys!!!).


We also don’t really have a shower or laundry or hand basin or kitchen sink. Instead, we have a room that will one day be our en-suite, but for now, serves as our multipurpose room for all the aforementioned purposes. Adam positioned the shower tray from the old bathroom over the new drain in the floor, dangled a shower hose from the roof and — ta dah! — we now have a multipurpose room for all things requiring water! (It’s currently this awesome shade of tree-frog green, due to the layer of water-proofing stuff. I have entered a formal request for this colour to remain our official bathroom colour theme — you guys, it’s so HAPPY and GREEN! — but have been overruled. I intend to revolt later down the track in the form of crafty projects, excessive numbers of candles and plenty of bunting!)

Our kitchen is a barbecue in what will be our lounge room. Where our bed is at the moment will soon be our kitchen. And my ‘office’ is wherever I can find a clean place to plonk, preferably next to a highly-sought-after power-point (old houses have so few power outlets! How did they all charge their smart phones?!!)

All of this may sound slightly crazy and haphazard — and indeed at times, it is! — but we are both loving the process, and are both so excited about what our little house will become.

(Which hopefully — sooner rather than later — will be a little house with a toilet that has walls and a door. A girl’s allowed to dream, isn’t she?!!)

I thought I’d give you a little photo-update of our progress!





















And that view makes it all worth it!

4 Responses to “Only crazy people renovate!”

  1. Anna

    Looks amazing! There is something super romantic about doing up your own place! And your man’s plumber crack adds a bit of charm 🙂 good luck! Xx

    • Jess

      Thanks Miss A! It is indeed hot-slash-romantic seeing one’s man get all hot-slash-sweaty building a house for us!! Crack and all!!! Hope you’re good! xo