Little Love Notes

Dear Friday,
I am super psyched to have you off! I have a little three day getaway planned with my beautiful boyfriend, and am so looking forward to Not Being At Work. So thank you for your delightful non-workiness!!!

Dear North Queensland,
Ima comin’ to getcha! Three days at Airlie Beach should be amaze-balls. I see a cocktail (or three) in my very-near future!


Dear Travel Plans,
You guys! You are awesome! The way you are slowly taking shape in my mind is So Fricking Exciting. It’s been really amazing to have had a random seed of an idea, slowly let it fester and marinate, then (and this has been the key part) start to act. I keep wanting to spout about you to anyone who will listen. Thanks for helping me make sense of where I want to go (both literally, and in life in general).

Dear Sister-pants,
You are a very good sister. And a very good human. And I missed you, even though you were only away for ten days! Thanks for coming back. With a present, no less. That was awesome.


Dear Raw Mushrooms,
I did not realise that I liked you until very recently. Now, I am adding you to all my salads like a mad woman. Mad for mushrooms, that is. You pack a decent wallop of vitamin-and mineral-power to my lunch. I swoon at your shroominess.


Dear Raw Onion,
Although you stink up my breath, I still love you dearly. It is strange how much I have been craving you lately.

Dear Kevin McCloud,
You should call me! We would get on like a house on fire, I just know it! With your acerbic wit and my embarrassingly-layman-like knowledge of house design, I think we would amuse each other greatly.

Mr McCloud. Just leaning and gazing and thinking important thoughts…

Dear Reader,
Thank you for being awesome and for visiting this here little corner of Ye Olde Interwebs. Please write your own little love note below, I would love to hear what you are lovin’ and crushing on!

5 Responses to “Little Love Notes”

  1. Maddison @ Miss Imperfect

    Dear December, thank you for looking like the best most exciting month this year, I am so excited for all that I have plan.

    Dear organisation, I am loving my to-do-lists, highlighters, lists and more, I know a bit OCD but it also gives me such immense joy to be organised and see my goals being reached

    Dear present moment, I am totally loving you right now, I want to embrace you, experience you and live for the thrill of now.

    … That was a lot of fun writing the little love notes, thanks x

  2. Tam

    Dear Little love notes… I totally heart you just as you are! I have even bought myself a little book so I can start writing my own version of you. I hope you will be friends with my notes, together you could be awesome and change the world!

  3. Jem_Grateful

    Dear Christmas Tree – I get so excited looking at your sparkly decorations and shining star. I love the growing sense of anticipation, of giving and sharing with loved ones & hopefully seeing their faces light up at the special things I have collected for them. What joy and gratitude I feel to have so much light and love at this special time of year.

    Dear Morning Routine – I love that I am making a commitment to start each day in such a blissfully beautiful and self-nourishing way. Things can only get better from here!

    Dear Jess – thank you for such a sensationally fun way to practise gratitude and remember the good times in our lives. Little gratitude love notes are being added to my inspirational bag of energising, life-enhancing goodness 🙂 xx

    • Jess

      Dear Jem_G – thank you for your little love notes of whimsy and wonder! I love Christmas, and looooove discussing morning routines, so yay for you and yay for communal gratitude and lovin’!