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Hola, lover!

This week has been crazy-but-good, frustrating-but-mind-opening. The process of launching my business is still in full swing, and I am slowly, slowly, step-by-step getting to where I want to be. In general, over the past seven days, I have had assumptions challenged, I have had spectacular  failures in the kitchen (ummm, there’ll be a post coming soon about my sweet potato ice-cream) and I have continued to learn more about myself than ever before. So all in all – life is good. I feel like I am where I should be. I feel like I am doing what I’m supposed to be doing. And I’m getting better at accepting that the Universe’s time frame may be slightly different to my own!

In the meantime, here are some awesome links to fill your daily quote of internet procrastination!

1. I love this open letter from a daughter to her Mumsy. As someone who has had a very… interesting… weight and body image journey my entire freaking life, this letter smacked of truth. Not because my mum ever passed on bad body images issues to me (in fact, quite the opposite), but because I am so aware of the fact that I never want to pass on my issues to my future daughter.

2. I am still in a slight post-travels funk. Meaning, at least a few times a day, I will be transported back to that time I was wandering through the twilight markets in the Marais in Paris. Or that time we were all at that crazy-awesome rooftop bar in Florence. Or that time when we were hanging out with my best friend and her husband drinking Aperols in Austria. And I’ll get a pang of longing to go back. Like, rightthisverysecond. Anyway, I am assuaging my longing for wandering by reading travel stories online. And this one by Kate Northrup, about what she learned while visiting Paris, hit the spot – WTF America?!!

3. I used to be a massive Buffy fan. So when I saw that Joss Whedon (creator of the best show in the Universe!) had delivered a commencement speech to a bunch of graduating students, I knew I had to watch it. In typical Joss-fashion, this is funny and relaxed AND profound. I’m sure it ain’t what the kidlets were expecting (“You are all going to die.”), but I’m sure that they walked away from it with their minds just that little bit more cracked open.

Speaking of the “contradiction” between the body and the mind, my man Joss said:

It never goes away. And if you think that achieving something, if you think that solving something, if you think a career or a relationship will quiet that voice, it will not. If you think that happiness means total peace, you will never be happy. Peace comes from the acceptance of the part of you that can never be at peace. It will always be in conflict. If you accept that, everything gets a lot better.

Check out the full video below. There’s more goodness within!

Have a great weekend! XX


One Response to “Link Lovin’”

  1. Emily

    Love that speech, so very true!!

    Also know what you mean about the post travel funk. It turns into a travel itch after a while – a desperate need to start planning your next trip 😉

    Good luck with all your business planning! I’m doing the same at the moment, it’s more tiring than first appears! xo