Inspire your innards

Hey hey, it’s Friday!

Here are three things that inspired and warmed my heart this week…

1. Check this video out, or read the transcript. A ‘helpful’ viewer sent this American newsreader a letter saying that she is obese and is therefore a bad example to the community (and to girls in particular, because hey, fat men feeling okay is just kinda annoying but fat women feeling okay is UNACCEPTABLE). She addresses it with truth and bravery and general amazingness and I want to hug her. She reveals him to be the bully that he is, not some ‘helpful and concerned’ citizen performing a public service. She rocks.


2. Also with a feminist bent an empathetic, compassionate bent, someone took a photo of a Sikh woman with facial hair and posted it online. You know, cos that’s really funny. And the woman in question saw it. And wrote an amazing, beautiful, peace-warrior response. That made me have faith in humanity in general. And what happened afterwards was pretty amazing and unheard of too…

3. On a slightly lighter note, this collection of photos of when grooms first spotted their brides on their wedding days is making my innards smile.

I particularly LOVE this one:

Images from Goodsie + Imgur

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