I love him, his smile, and the kitchen sink

Couple Kissing at Top of Mountain

You can look at Valentine ’s Day as just another schlocky excuse to buy more stuff that we don’t need. (Although frankly, I ALWAYS need more chocolate and flowers, so even this pessimistic definition doesn’t really hold up.)

And while my boyfriend and I don’t ‘celebrate’ Valentine’s Day in the sense of fancy dinners or long-stemmed roses, we do celebrate it in terms of taking the time to seriously express that most glorious and engaging of all emotions: love.

I love talking about love. I love declaring my love out loud. On a normal day, I would tell my boyfriend I love him about 7 times. At least. I can’t help it – I’m a lexical creature who lives and breathes in words.

It’s not that I sling it around randomly or haphazardly – it took me a long time to build up to saying it for the first time. But as soon as I knew… Well, that was it. The sentence now springs from my tongue naturally, as an organic extension of how I feel.

And I feel love a lot.

Which took him a little while to get used to, not being a fanciful, word-fuelled being like me. He’s more your down to earth, straight-up, practical sort of person. A what-you-see-is-what-you-get, let’s-make-this-shit-happen kind of guy.

Which I love. With all my heart. To parts and pieces.

On normal days, he knows how much I love to say and hear those three magic words. And so he says it a whole heap too, because he knows it makes me happy. Even though he doesn’t need to say it as much as I do. Even though he doesn’t need to hear it as much as I do. (He’s a good egg like that.)

So imagine my excitement on Valentine’s Day. When I can really let loose on the love-laden overtures and the public displays of verbal affection. It’s the one day of the year It’s one of many days of the year where I feel fully justified in stepping up my romantic inclinations. Til they’re full blown and full volume.

Loud and proud, baby.

Luckily Unfortunately for my boy, he happens to be away today. And for the next week. He went back to work yesterday and won’t return til next Wednesday. By which time the roses and chocolates and Hallmark cards will have well and truly disappeared from the stores. (Hell, there’ll probably be a whole aisle of Easter Eggs by then.)

So of course we’ll have a sentiment-filled phone chat tonight. Perhaps a sweet text or two during the day. But that’s really not enough for someone like me, on this most venerable of days.

The next best thing? Declaring my love for him to the blogosphere.

Of course.

Because gushing geysers of love are a good thing. Because sharing love lifts us all up. Because if we all slung more love-bombs, the world might be a better place.

So here goes.

An ode to my Valentine…

He is amazing and wonderful and lights me up in ways I never knew I could be lit.

He cares for me in a way that blows my mind, and he gets me in a way that helps me understand myself.

Sometimes, he looks at me with this gorgeous goofy smile that makes me So Friggen Happy because I know it’s his super-crazy-happy-in-love smile and I know that no one else gets that particular smile. It’s our smile.

He listens to my musings, he makes me laugh til my belly hurts, and he cleans the little bits of detritus out of the kitchen sink hole (which shouldn’t really matter that much and yet somehow seems massively indicative of the kind of beautiful creature and partner he is).

He is generous and thoughtful; he is gorgeous and grounded.

He’s the stillness to my flurry, the ease to my hurry.

He is amazing and I love him.

To parts and pieces.

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