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Little moments of me-time

1. For so long, I have meditated. Probably for about ten years now. But never with true dedication. I have always wanted to have a ‘meditation habit’, where I meditate easily and effortlessly every morning, preferably in a sunlit room with a garden view. What I have instead, is the unwavering desire to meditate at… Read more »

Book Review: ‘Healthy at 100’ by John Robbins

  John Robbins’ dad was from the famous ice cream company. As in ‘Baskin and – ‘. Together, Robbins Senior and his brother-in-law, Uncle Baskin,┬ástarted one of the most successful ice cream companies in the world. John Robbins appeared in Morgan Spurlock’s documentary ‘Supersize me’ describing the endless amounts of ice cream available in their… Read more »

Green Lovin’

Have you tried a green smoothie yet? I *LOVE* my morning green smoothie. If you have not yet joined the green bandwagon, here’s the deal: you take a bunch of fruit and veggies, add a little water or other liquid, add some superfoods (if that’s what floats your boat) and bleeeeend those suckers together. I… Read more »