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Waste not, want more

One of my favourite writers, Ms Sarah Wilson, has been focusing a lot lately on food wastage. It’s scary stuff, especially considering all the people in the world who go hungry everyday. Australians throw away a lot of food. In fact, estimates say that 40 per cent of the average household rubbish bin is discarded… Read more »

Goal the first: Meditation

I have not yet finished my goal setting for the coming year. I need to feel that the juju is just right before I break out my magic moleskine and light my special candle (coconut and elderflower scented – definitely the scent of success!!) and so far, the right mood just hasn’t struck me. However,… Read more »

The golden drop that rocks my world

I am a recent convert to apple cider vinegar. I took it on-and-off about six months ago, and had been using it occasionally as a salad dressing in the interim, but in the past two months, I got Serious-with-a-capital-S and have been taking it religiously. I have two tablespoons in a glass of water every morning (after… Read more »