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Chaos and Connection: Travelling in Italy

I went to a Catholic primary school. And although I was a terrible Catholic, I was an excellent student. So in grade seven, when our Italian teacher informed us that she was holding an ‘Italian prayer competition’, I knew I had to win. (Naturally.) It didn’t matter that the prize was something that I didn’t… Read more »

Links to Love

1. ‘Having been married only a year and a half, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that marriage isn’t for me.’ So starts this awesome piece by Seth Adam Smith. Made me a little teary. 2. ‘The real reason you’re stuck in a rut‘. My gorgeous friend Lizzie just made her first (of what is… Read more »

Quiet as the default setting

As someone with a tendency to overanalyse, over-emote and overthink EVERYTHING, I have found that it’s best to set up little practices in my daily routine that help me make a little room for peace and quiet inside me. That set me up for space rather than stress. One such tweak that is super simple… Read more »