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Inspire your innards

Hey hey, it’s Friday! Here are three things that inspired and warmed my heart this week… 1. Check this video out, or read the transcript. A ‘helpful’ viewer sent this American newsreader a letter saying that she is obese and is therefore a bad example to the community (and to girls in particular, because hey,… Read more »

Little Love Notes

Dear Byron Bay, How you sing to me! How you tickle the cockles of my heart! How glorious you look in the September sun. I would like to be better friends with you. If I promise to visit more regularly, can we be playmates? Pretty please?!   ♥   Dear Six Days Off From Work,… Read more »

Little Love Notes

Dear Spring, I can feel the change in the air already! September is only just upon us, but already there is that different feeling in the air and the promise of summer just around the corner. You fill me with hope and possibility. Thanks for swinging by!   Dear September Sky, You are so blue and… Read more »