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Houses and Homes and My Honey…

My boy and I are house hunting. It is super exciting. I have never bought a house before (ummm, and even now, it will technically be ‘his’, cos I’m going to spend all my money on croissants and sangria and plane tickets – oh my!). But, bless him, he is making it all about ‘us’… Read more »

Little Love Notes

Dear Friday, I am super psyched to have you off! I have a little three day getaway planned with my beautiful boyfriend, and am so looking forward to Not Being At Work. So thank you for your delightful non-workiness!!! ♥ Dear North Queensland, Ima comin’ to getcha! Three days at Airlie Beach should be amaze-balls…. Read more »

I wanna be having sex at 70

I was sitting in a cafe the other day with a friend, and at the table behind us were four sixty-or-seventy-something women, chatting and laughing over coffee and cake. We had been caught up in our own conversation and hadn’t been paying them much attention, but when they started talking about Fifty Shades of Grey,… Read more »