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Only crazy people renovate!

My gorgeous boyfriend and I are renovating a house at the Sunshine Coast. At the moment it is — shall we say — “a renovator’s dream”. By which I mean that it is a glorified shell of a beach shack. But oh how we hold such big hopes for the wee one! We’ve spent the… Read more »

Swallowing for love

Despite what Hollywood may have us believe, a relationship is not built on grandiose gestures of love. It’s not even built on medium-sized ones. My experience is that it’s built on the tiny but cumulative acts of daily existence – picking up the bath mat after the shower, ‘cos he knows that I appreciate it…. Read more »

String Theory

Back when I had depression, one thing I did was detach from the world. From everyone, except a very, very few family members, and about two friends. Instead, I just curled up in a proverbial ball (sometimes I curled up in an actual ball) and hid away from everyone. I was sick, and I couldn’t… Read more »