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How to bust through your fear of the blank page

The flashing cursor. The snow-white screen. The slowly mounting terror. When you sit down to write, the fear of the blank page can be incredibly overwhelming. Whether you’re writing a novel, an essay, a blog post, or simply a letter to a friend, that endless expanse of nothingness can make it very hard to get… Read more »

When bad people make good art

There’s a Cee-lo Green song that I love. It’s actually a cover of a Buddy Holly song, and without exception, when I hear it, it makes me smile.   (Seriously, I dare you not to find the above insanely, heart-swellingly, adorkable.) But in the past few weeks, Mr Green revealed himself to be… well, not… Read more »

How to have more creative energy

One of my biggest takeaways from this past year of writing my butt off has been this: creative energy is a finite resource. This might sound obvious, but to me, it’s been a revelation. See, in the past, I’d always had enough creative energy to see me through. Back in my corporate days, I could… Read more »