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Link Lovin’

Hola, lover! This week has been crazy-but-good, frustrating-but-mind-opening. The process of launching my business is still in full swing, and I am slowly, slowly, step-by-step getting to where I want to be. In general, over the past seven days, I have had assumptions challenged, I have had spectacular  failures in the kitchen (ummm, there’ll be… Read more »

So much goodness…

  Reading good writing makes my innards sing and my heart flutter and my stomach sigh. Occasionally accompanied by a stab of jealousy (until I remind myself that There Is Enough Pie, Jessica. More than enough. Oodles, in fact. And whilst you might sometimes yearn for key lime or pumpkin pie, your particular brand of… Read more »

Book Review: ‘Born to Run’ by Christopher McDougall

“Why does my foot hurt?” This is the question that Christopher McDougall set out to try and answer. A keen-but-amateur runner, he could not work out why he kept on injuring his foot whilst running, despite having the best shoes and equipment that money could buy. Eventually, he consulted multiple specialists, who all told him… Read more »