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Links to Love

Some Friday procrastination to ease you into the weekend… 1. Trawling through the online archives of the New Yorker magazine is pretty exciting stuff for a word-nerd. In fact, it’s kind of like literary porn. (And as a bonus, I can feel my writing skills improving through sheer mental osmosis.) This article, A Pickpocket’s Tale,… Read more »

September Reading List

The past month, I’ve been consciously trying to create more space for reading — not just blog posts or articles, but full-blown (glorious) books. Here’s what’s been rocking my shelf… Mastery, by Robert Greene Mastery in my work is such a big focus for me at the moment — honing my craft, stepping up, doing… Read more »

Links to Love

1. I was pretty damn excited to be featured on the Huffington Post last week. “Although Hollywood may try to convince us otherwise, the truth is that relationships are not built on grand romantic gestures. They’re not even built on medium-sized ones. They are actually based on the tiny-but-cumulative acts of daily love within a… Read more »