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Confessions of a small business owner

Since starting my own business, there are a few things that have crept up on me and shocked me. Like how busy I would be (don’t laugh, but I kinda thought I would be no busier than when I was back at my old nine-to-fiver job). Like how long everything would take (don’t laugh, but… Read more »

The Business Owner’s Manifesto

Monday was my first day at my new job, working for my new boss, Me. This is a massively thrilling and massively scary undertaking, but I am feeling-the-fear-and-doing-it-anyway (or something like that). So, first days always bring introductory exercises, yeah? Like on the first day of a new year at school, when some overly enthusiastic… Read more »

What to do when work is really shit – Part One

1. Be grateful. When your work is really shit, it is an impetus to actually create meaningful change. If instead your work was merely almost-kinda-maybe-bearable-but-not-really, then it is easy to fool yourself into thinking that circumstances will eventually change (more money, a promotion etc) and that things will get better, without you ever actually doing something about… Read more »