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Stop learning, start doing

If you’re a Creative of any sort, by default, you’ve signed up for a life of continual self-driven education. Ain’t no way you can keep your finger on the pulse — of your industry, of technology, of marketing techniques — if you aren’t consciously and consistently expanding your knowledge base and your skills set. BUT… Read more »

8 essentials for living the laptop lifestyle

Getting to pound away on your computer wherever you want – a trendy café, a park by the beach, your best friend’s couch – is one of the best perks of working for yourself. (Well, that and being able to not wear pants!) But when you work on the go, you need to make sure… Read more »

I love him, his smile, and the kitchen sink

You can look at Valentine ’s Day as just another schlocky excuse to buy more stuff that we don’t need. (Although frankly, I ALWAYS need more chocolate and flowers, so even this pessimistic definition doesn’t really hold up.) And while my boyfriend and I don’t ‘celebrate’ Valentine’s Day in the sense of fancy dinners or… Read more »