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Links to Love

Some reading pleasure for your Friday… 1. If you haven’t read Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed, do your heart-cells a favour and devour it immediately. In it, Strayed is ‘Sugar’, her once-anonymous ‘Agony Aunt’ persona. She answers readers’ questions and is chest-thumpingly profound, articulate, and amazing. When this Agony Aunt advice letter from ‘Polly’… Read more »

11 tips for more mindful travel

For the heart-fuelled among us, travel is not merely an opportunity to escape the rat race and see the sites. It’s also a time to discover more about ourselves. To experience life with the volume turned up and the colour saturated. To live our wholehearted beliefs each day, no matter which part of the planet… Read more »

12 lessons on surviving your first year in business

Surviving your first year in business takes discipline and determination — and no small amount of grit. It’s just under eighteen months since I started my business, and this freshman year has involved a whole lot of wild highs, sleepless nights, baptisms by fire, intense satisfaction, and some crazy lows as well. Today I wanted… Read more »

Links to Love

Some Friday procrastination to ease you into the weekend… 1. Trawling through the online archives of the New Yorker magazine is pretty exciting stuff for a word-nerd. In fact, it’s kind of like literary porn. (And as a bonus, I can feel my writing skills improving through sheer mental osmosis.) This article, A Pickpocket’s Tale,… Read more »

Stop learning, start doing

If you’re a Creative of any sort, by default, you’ve signed up for a life of continual self-driven education. Ain’t no way you can keep your finger on the pulse — of your industry, of technology, of marketing techniques — if you aren’t consciously and consistently expanding your knowledge base and your skills set. BUT… Read more »