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Book Review: ‘Healthy at 100’ by John Robbins

  John Robbins’ dad was from the famous ice cream company. As in ‘Baskin and – ‘. Together, Robbins Senior and his brother-in-law, Uncle Baskin, started one of the most successful ice cream companies in the world. John Robbins appeared in Morgan Spurlock’s documentary ‘Supersize me’ describing the endless amounts of ice cream available in their… Read more »

What we can learn about life from horses…

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a hens party. The beautiful bride-to-be is very passionate about horses, so for our morning activity, we all drove up to the Sunshine Coast and rode horses along the Noosa North Shore (which was then followed by a more traditional hens party afternoon/evening at a cocktail bar!)   I… Read more »

Little love notes to the Olympics

Dear Australian Olympic Selectors, Is it too late for me to have a career as an Olympian? I know that at 29 (whch is like 79 in Olympian years) I may be too late for the glamour disciplines like swimming and gymnastics, but I would be prepared to take up shooting or hammer throwing or… Read more »


Hello Lovers! Welcome back to your regularly scheduled programming! This week’s Wednespiration is proudly brought to you by the letter H. Not H for ‘Hump day’, but rather, H for ‘Hells-to-the-yeah the universe gave me another Wednesday’! Things that are turning me on this week include: This is a Steve Jobs quote. This man keeps… Read more »

Tidbits of Lovin’…

The sun is shining and it’s a brand new day. I’m still chained to my cubicle for now (not forever though, cue maniacal laughter!) but am feeling happy and hopeful that things are changing! Here are some little tidbits that are keeping me going right now and that brighten my day. 1. Lady Gaga gives… Read more »