I believe in stories.

Jessica LarsenWe human creatures are hardwired to latch onto them.

We lose ourselves in them, get caught up in them, fall recklessly into their word-fuelled arms.

They fill us up and transport us and make us feel. (Oh, how they make us feel!)

In fact, I believe that stories are how we’re gonna change the world.

And after all, isn’t that what we’re all here to do?

Hi, I’m Jess.

I’m a renegade writer.

A scribbler of stories.

A teller of truths.

As a wordsmith, creative strategist and full-blown word-nerd, I help amazing, heart-centred, mission-driven women – yep, just like you – tell their stories online.

I craft content that’s bursting with insight. I create copy that’s both sassy and sacred. I design communication strategies that Get. You. Noticed.

But more than all that, I write words that feel completely aligned with who you are.

Because that’s what the world needs — you, fully realised, in all your quirks and glory.

I want to make you awesome on the internet in a way that’s real. I want to help you connect with your tribe in a way that’s fuelled by generosity and truth. I want to help you express yourself in that heartfelt way you’ve been craving.

And it all comes back to stories…


Once upon a time…

In a past life, I was a lawyer and a creative industries expert. I was wading knee-deep in heavy-duty protocols and Very Important government submissions. But eventually, I couldn’t ignore the nagging discontent any longer. I realised that writing legislative policy wasn’t the sort of story I wanted to be telling. I wanted something more.

I wanted to help amazing, creative women (and a few awesome gents) step up in the online world and tell their stories. Because all of us have stories – whether you’re a butcher, a baker or an organic candlestick maker.

And when you tell your story right, that’s how you reach people.

So that’s how Hello Wordsmith came about.

At the start of 2013, I broke free from my corporate cubicle and threw myself headfirst into writing (after traipsing around Europe for a while to ‘find myself’, of course).

Hello Wordsmith was born, and in my first year, I have had the Holy Smokes privilege of working with some of the finest damn ladies on the interwebs. (No seriously, check ‘em out.)

I work with health coaches. Marketing gurus. Beautiful biz mavens with burgeoning empires.

In fact, I work with online creatives of all sorts, all united by a common goal: to connect with their tribe, spread their message and take their lives – and businesses – to the next level.

My thing is this:

Getting straight to the heart of what you’re trying to say. Helping you serve your tribe with authenticity and alignment. Unearthing your awesomery and putting it into word form.

So that the world can see how freaking amazing you truly are.


If you really knew me, you’d know that…

+ I can quite happily eat the exact same thing for dinner everyday for, like, a month. Once I cooked risotto for three months straight. (Not even an exaggeration. My old roommate is still traumatized.)

+ I’m happiest when I’m out walking by the beach, listening to an audiobook, and soaking up Mama Nature’s goodness.

+ I’m obsessive and analytical and highly strung. Which makes me the world’s best editor and the world’s worst backseat driver.

+ When I make biz decisions, my guiding principle is ‘What feels right?’ And also ‘What would Beyoncé do?’ (Not necessarily in that order.)

+ I suck at Scrabble. Which is embarrassing for a wordsmith. But it’s ‘cos I’m always going for the best word, not the highest points. (Which totally makes me the moral and lexical winner. No matter what my boyfriend says.)

+ All I wanna do is travel — grab my laptop and my man, sling a pack on my back, and runaway into the sunset. Next up on my Must-Do list? Prague, Patagonia and Scotland.

+ I am an ardent defender of the Oxford comma, a passionate militant against the use of gratuitous quotation marks, and I worship at the literary altar of Mses Rowling, Strayed, and Oliver.

And when I’m not passionately pounding away at my laptop, you’ll find me…

Devouring books and blogs by the bucket-load. Walking, gymming and ohmming it up. Hiking, biking and striking my best tree pose. Scrawling in my moleskin, sprawling under a shady tree or snuggling with my gorgeous boyfriend (sometimes all three at once).


If I could teach you just one thing, it would be this:

A good cup of tea can solve almost any problem.

And also this: Your words count. In life, in business, and in the magical world of the interwebs. So be impeccable with them. Make them count.

That’s how you change the world.

And now, let’s get professional…

Jessica Larsen is a wordsmith and creative consultant. A recovering lawyer with a degree in creative industries, she helps people tell their stories so they can take the online world by storm. Her writing and strategic skills have helped her clients land book deals, win literary prizes, launch sold-out courses, and get published on major international platforms. She lives on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast with her insanely gorgeous and super-supportive boyfriend.


Thanks so much for swinging by.

It’s awesome people like you who make my world rock.

Yours in word-nerdiness,



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… And they all lived happily ever after.



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