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Welcome back to your regularly scheduled programming! This week’s Wednespiration is proudly brought to you by the letter H. Not H for ‘Hump day’, but rather, H for ‘Hells-to-the-yeah the universe gave me another Wednesday’!

Things that are turning me on this week include:

This is a Steve Jobs quote. This man keeps popping up in my life. (Ummm, I also started last week’s Wednispration post with a Steve Jobs quote, so you can see that my brain is definitely aligned in a certain way at the moment!)

A while back, when I was making my ‘vision board’ of all the things that I want to see/do/achieve in the coming year, I put two quotes at the very centre of my board. They were both those gorgeous, artistically-rendered visual depictions of quotes that you often find on Pinterest. One of them was the one I posted last week (“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition; they somehow already know what you truly want to become.”) And the other was the above quote. I did not realise at the time – in fact, for MONTHS – that they were both Steve Jobs quotes (don’t quite know how I missed it – his name is right there at the bottom of the words!)… Anyway, when I finally realised this quirk, I decided that I needed to pay attention to this odd coincidence and read more about the man for whom I apparently had such an affinity. I started reading his biography (the one by Walter Isaacson), and it is a big hunka-chunka book. I’m only about a third of the way through, but it is *fascinating*. Seriously interesting stuff. The man was a conundrum – by many accounts an enlightened visionary, by many (if not more?) a demanding (and sometimes cruel) asshole. I am loving the book, and the amazing dichotomy that is presented. I will definitely be writing more about this as I read more. But for now, the above words really speaks to me – with these two quotes front-and-centre of my vision board, it’s clear that my main focus at the moment is about finding fulfillment through my work, and trusting myself enough to follow this path…

I finished Danielle La Porte’s book The Fire Starter Sessions a few weeks back. I love this a bucket-load:

When you focus on building your natural strengths and doing what comes easiest to you, you gain a momentum in your life that feels efficient and exciting and hot. Like, sexy kind of hot, and deeply nourishing kind of hot; like your heart on fire kind of hot. The kind of hot we all want to feel. Are you with me? True strength is not necessarily about skill or adeptness. It’s about vitality. Holding this perspective changes everything, my friend. And it goes back to my root theory in life – that our actions are driven by our desire. It means that all that stuff that you may be good at but don’t really love to do, you get to dump… mostly. No more faking it to make it.
I love this lady. She speaks just the right mix of spiritual woo-woo and down-to-earth, street-corner straight-up truth. It would be fair to say that she herself lights my fire!

This is a magnificent Ted Talk. Elizabeth Gilbert – she of Eat, Pray, Love fame – talks about creativity and the Muse. About how you go about fronting up and presenting your work after you’ve just written a never-to-be-repeated, one-in-a-lifetime publishing phenomenon.  And what on earth you are meant to do when the Muse fails to show. Sometimes sitting at your writing desk is enough… and if all that spews forth is crap and rubbish, ain’t your problem: the Muse wasn’t in the House. But note: the most important part of this equation is that you yourself have to show up first!

It’s a really great video for creative-types and well worth the eighteen minutes…


Have a super excellent Wednesday!

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  1. Emily

    We’re on the same wave length I think!! I’ve been watching Ted talks, quoting Jobs and reading the Fire Starter sessions 😉 great minds think alike 😛

    Keep doing what you’re doing, as it clearly comes naturally to you 🙂

    Happy Wednespiration (love it) for yesterday!