Wednespiration: being professional

For this week’s Wednespiration, I wanted to share something that’s been helping me achieve a goal. I’ve been on a concerted health-kick for the past week, as I have an event coming up. I’ve given myself an ambitious yet achievable health and fitness goal. Something that’s been helping keep me on track has been asking myself ‘What would a professional do?‘. At the moment I’m a size bigger than I am comfortable with. Not that size matters at all, it’s just that I know I’m not at my best ‘fighting weight’ at the moment, if you know what I mean. So asking myself ‘what would a professional do?’ at pertinent, trying moments has helped me to focus. Case in point: it’s Tuesday night, I arrive at the gym, I realize that I’ve forgotten my iPod, so I basically give myself permission to go home. Who in their right mind would still push through when they didn’t have their #1 distraction instrument with them? I’ll tell you who – a professional. A professional would say ‘doesn’t matter, gotta do it anyway, suck it up princess and Get. It. Done.’


A professional gets it done, even when they don’t want to. An amateur waits for inspiration to strike. (Sidenote: An amateur is often waiting).
A professional shows up, day after day, no matter what the weather or how they feel. An amateur lets themselves sleep in on a chilly morning and gives themselves the day off if they’ve got a sniffle.


A professional does what needs to be done. An amateur does what feels good.


For this goal, I am viewing myself as a professional. I am treating my eating and gymming as though I am a professional athlete/actor/whatever, who’s body is their livelihood. I am trying to treat my eating and exercise the same way as I do my 9-5 job. I may not like it, there may be some days where it is the last place on earth I want to be, but come rain or shine, I show up.


So far it’s working. I think the fact that I have a finite time period in which I am hoping to achieve my goal has also helped – I know that I can have days off very soon, I can have those hot chips soon, but right now: I am a professional.


Also helping: creating a priorities list. I wanted to be very clear with myself as to what was most important for these few weeks whilst I’m on my hardcore health-kick. It was important for me to say to myself that this was my number one priority, over everything else. So, for example, at the moment I am not worrying about wracking up overtime at work. It’s not my priority. Nor is my writing, the tidiness of my house, or my social life. For this period, I have a very clear, articulated priority (as a professional would) that is helping me in the moment, when I am trying to determine whether I should leave the gym early cos I want to watch Grey’s Anatomy or whether I should stay and complete what I had set out to do. It’s easy*. My priority is to stay and finish, a professional would stay and finish. And I am a professional, so I stayed and I finished.


* At the moment!


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3 Responses to “Wednespiration: being professional”

  1. Cara | Ultra Inspired

    Hi lovely lady, I’ve just discovered your blog and it’s gorgeous! Well done on stepping up the plate to achieve your goal – go your professional self! No doubt you’ll reach your happy + healthy body weight and enjoy your event x