Things that no one has said. Ever.


Man, I really regret that work-out.

I totes wish that I had spent more time at work.
All that time worrying was worth it. It was time well spent.
That movie was so much better than the book.
That jumbo bag of m&m’s was really successful at fixing my sadness/loneliness/general frustration at life.
I’m glad that I turned down that job/career/travel/romantic opportunity. The fact that I didn’t have to push outside my comfort zone leaves me filled with satisfaction and fulfillment.
I’m really glad that I never got around to writing that book.
I knew those harem pants were a timeless-and-stylish fashion choice.
I’m glad I played life safe and stayed within the conventional confines.
Worrying about what other people think of me has really paid off. So has living my life by their expectations.


Following my heart was a bad idea, and I didn’t grow from it at all.


This week on the blog, we also discussed Born to Run, an awesome book by Christopher McDougall, and being professional when trying to achieve goals.



2 Responses to “Things that no one has said. Ever.”

  1. Rach // In Spaces Between

    What a potent post honey! Love the way you’ve written this – simple but super powerful. Thanks for giving me a big dose of HELL YEAH on this lovely Monday morning! xx