Stop Wishing and Start Working
Stop Wishing &
Start Working

A love-filled guide for writers,
artists and other dreamers

+ Do you have a creative vision thrumming in your heart?

+ Are you aching to bring your ideas to life?

+ But are you struggling to get the work done and make it happen?

This FREE ebook will help you overcome resistance, get the work done and make your ideas happen.

Touted by one raving reader as ‘the least bullshit ebook ever written,’ (!) this is a genuinely inspirational creative resource that pulls no punches. These are the exact tips, tricks and resources that I use to get my butt in my chair every single day and write my heart out (300 000 words in the past six months and counting!).

If you’re sick of wishing for creative success and are ready to start making it happen, this is for you.

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