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When I read the copy Jess had written for me, I was bowled over – and freaking exhilarated! Jess is a super-talent and a TOTAL pro. In a heartbeat, she captured the essence of my message beautifully, intuitively and powerfully – shining a bright light on all the parts that just weren’t coming together for me. The way she effortlessly weaves words is cause for celebration alone, but to have someone give you that kind of electric clarity around your offers? Priceless.Overwhelmed with gratitude for this lady’s phenomenal skills. Get her on your team!

Rachel MacDonald | Writer + Life/Blog Coach In Spaces Between

“Working with Jess is a dream and so easy…

Not only does she totally get your voice, but she is a ball to brainstorm and collaborate with always bringing her epic ideas to the table. I have been working with Jess for years now and I couldn’t ask for a better copywriter on my team. I adore her and she is now basically part of the furniture at MA.”

Melissa Ambrosini | Bestselling Author + Entrepreneur MelissaAmbrosini.com

“I love writing! And I’ve enjoyed building my community using my voice and connecting in an authentic way. But…..

Writing has become the biggest JOB I am doing in my business with multiple newsletters, product launches, nurture sequences, landing pages – so much writing!

Problem was, I’ve worked with a few copywriters over the years and cried all the tears (and wasted all the money!) when copy that was OTT and absolutely NOT ME arrived back. What a waste of time. It was easier to do it myself.

But I knew I wasn’t getting the best results. I knew I needed a pro.

I have only ever heard good reports about Jess’s work. And now I know why. I hope I am NEVER without her. The work was exceptional. She got my voice, my community and was able to communicate the value of what I do WAY BETTER than I ever have. I had my best launch after over three years in online business and I credit much of that to Jess.

I feel like so much more is possible for my business now I have an expert copywriter, who is a total pleasure to work with, on the team.

Thank you, Jess x”

Lisa Corduff | Entrepreneur + Podcaster Small Steps Living + LisaCorduff.com

“Jess Larsen is one of my best kept secret weapons.

Not only is she as cool as a cucumber… She is sharp as a whip and as witty as they come.

From branding to ghost writing, copyediting to marketing, and web-copy to design strategy… Over the course of five years, she has saved my life and sanity on… let’s just say, more than one or two occasions!

I am a science geek who can get caught up in the details but Jess is always on point! She has been able to translate my scattered thoughts and words in a pinch.

She is professional, upbeat and personable. You will not be disappointed! What can I say? I’m a huge fan!”

Rosemarie Beltz | Journalist, The Today Show, NBC RosemarieB.com

Jess Larsen’s work blew my mind.  She got my voice, nailed the copy and had me giggling at my own sales pages.  The response from my clients has been OUT OF THIS WORLD.  Working with Jess was one of the best investments I EVER have made for my business and I am deliriously happy with her work.

Get Jess’ words for your business if you are ready for your sales to go BOOM!
Ellissa Nagle | Branding Guru / Designer Extraordinaire Ellissa Jayne Creative | Flourish Online

Working with Jess is incredible. Every part of the process – from start to finish – is laden with joy, excitement and… clarity.  Sometimes our email exchanges make my day, and that’s before I’ve even seen the work she’s edited or polished. The best bit? She doesn’t change the tone, feel or intention behind my words… she simply enhances them, helping to make my message smoother than Justin Timberlake’s dancing. I adore everything she’s about, everything she writes, and every moment of working with her. I highly recommend you get in touch with this lady. She will make your day, a thousand times over. She will polish your message, until it shines. She will help you find clarity, and that’s a gift we all deserve.

Cassie Mendoza-Jones | Kinesiologist, Naturopath, Nutritionist & Herbalist Elevate Vitality
Kathryn Hocking

Jess was an integral part of my ‘dream team’ for my complete rebrand and has also been my go to girl for my major program sales pages and communications to my tribe.

What I love about Jess is her strategic mind and how she clearly thinks through the best way to position her clients and communicate to their ideal customer. Jess is not just a copywriter – she is a strategic partner.

Working with Jess is always an absolute delight, her writing is exquisite and always feels totally on brand, authentic and in alignment with my personality and style.

I recommend Jess to all my clients and colleagues without hesitation.

Kathryn Hocking | eCourse expert extraordinaire KathrynHocking.com

Jess is THE communication expert (and I don’t throw that word around willy nilly). You need her on your team. What initially started off as pure editing turned into a kickass collaborative relationship where Jess has guided me through all things communication, messaging and business branding in the world of insane online noise. Jess is a not only my number one cheerleader for my creative self, my divine downloads and for all the ideas I have that allow me to show up and help my peeps, but what she does is look at it from a global and strategic point of view. How does it fit into what I’m doing and where I want to go? How does can we tweak it to get the best out of my message? How can we expand the reach? How can we amp this up 10 fold? How can we bring in more cash??  She has single handedly changed the way I write, the way I see myself and the way I deliver my message to my peeps – effectively handing me the keys to making money online and becoming the business woman I’ve been working my ass to be. Beyond her crazy mad skills with wordsmithing she is the whole B I G picture. So yeah, you needed her in your life, like, yesterday.

Elizabeth McKenzie | Writer + Creator Your Highest Self
Tara Bliss

Tara Bliss | Spirit-stoked Writer, Mentor + Inspirational Speaker Such Different Skies

I had been working on my ebook for three months. Having shared the book with a friend, she suggested that I contact Jess who had helped her edit and clean-up her own ebook. I was a little hesitant because my copy deadline was a day away! In the end, I contacted Jess on a whim, assuming she wouldn’t be available or able to edit in such a short time-frame. To my surprise, Jess was not only available but kind, supportive and keen to help. Her work is flawless, clear and easy to understand. She doesn’t change your style or mess around with your work, but adds to it and simply refines it! I can’t recommend her enough and I know she will be my go-to editor for all products I produce in the future. I feel blessed that I have Jess on my side now.

Claire Obeid | Coach + Yoga Teacher + Creator The Wellness Project
Corona Brady

What can I say, Jessica has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She truly works above and beyond. She is an absolute expert with copywriting and so well and truly gifted. Gosh, does this wonderful lady have a magical way with words. A good friend had suggested her for a project I’d been working on for some time and I was not disappointed to have contacted her. Her services are of such very high quality. She got me and my product and understood my product right from the start. Working with Jess has been one of the best investments I’ve made for my business. Thank you so much Jess, beaming so much gratitude to you and your amazing gifts. You’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with and I cannot recommend you highly enough.

Corona Brady | Intuitive Heart + Soul Infused Life Coach, Yoga Teacher + Energy Healer Nurture Pod
Kacey Crawford

I hired Jess to weave her magic on an e-course I’d created. I’d never used an editor before and wasn’t too sure what I’d be getting. Lots of angry red pen? Words that didn’t sound like my own? Or worse still – minimal changes and a generic thumbs up, good to go? From my first contact with Jess I knew my words were in the cleverest & most caring of hands. Editor barely scrapes the surface of this girl’s skill set and her passion for ensuring your words are the most radiant reflection of you & your message. I’m simultaneously (& rather awkwardly) kicking myself for not hiring her sooner, singing her praises & secretly hoping no-one else discovers her.

Kacey Crawford | Inspired Career Coach KaceyCrawford.com

Jess at Hello Wordsmith has been an absolutely pleasure to work with on every project we have worked on.  First time, every time Jess produces perfect ‘cheekifed’ copy that fulfils the brief way beyond my expectations.  Jess, you are an absolute superstar and your passion for words is so evident with the amazing copy you create.

Lisa Koba | CEO + Founder | Cheeky Little Soles

Jessica is extraordinary in what she does. I’ve never met someone who is so talented, gifted and brilliant with words. Her copy writing service she provides is like a form of high quality artistry. It’s been the best investment of my money since creating my business, and each time she sent me the end result I couldn’t stop smiling in joy and awe because I was elated at how perfect she was able to bring my vision into clearly articulated words that embodied my essence and who I am at the deepest level. She was able to craft my vision and message into words that were even better expressed then I could have ever written myself (which I didn’t think was possible until meeting Jessica!). I can easily say that with starting my business, hiring Jessica to assist me with the copy writing was the best investment that I have done thus far. The quality of her work is simply amazing, and it’s a true gift to be able to take someone’s content, vision and message and craft it into a beautiful, exquisite written piece. She’s a genius at what she does. For every time she sent me back the finished product, it literally made my day! I felt so excited, happy and grateful when seeing the written masterpiece she created. After struggling with trying to write my own about me statement and feeling frustrated, hiring Jessica to help me was like a breath of fresh air and I felt relief and so much lightness. When you want the world to know who you are and what you offer, there is nothing more important than the words that are used to convey your truth. I’m eternally grateful to Jessica for all her help, and I would without a doubt highly recommend her writing services to anyone who is looking for their vision, message and/or content to be crafted even more beautifully then you could ever imagine in words for the whole world to see. The value of the end product she creates is worth far more than any amount of money I could pay. You won’t regret it. I look forward to investing in her writing services for future projects and I’m so grateful that an angel of words really exists on our planet!

Nicole Hemmer | Transformational Coach + Divine Creatress Nicole Hemmer
Damien Meldrum

Trying to sell my product is a bit tricky. Energy healing is a difficult concept to put across to people. I have written about twenty different sales pages in the past two years, I actually thought I was getting pretty good at it. Recently I have decided to invest a bit more into my business, you know… ‘going pro!” Well let me tell you about the single best investment that I have made in my business so far. Ms Jessica Larsen at hello wordsmith. She took the words from my sales page and turned them into a story that had me mesmerised. By the end of the story, I was ready to purchase a session from myself. I now have her booked to rewrite my website and edit my upcoming book. Jess really is the woman who can get your message out to the world.

Damien Meldrum | Creator + Director Open 2 Life