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Thanks so much for listening to the Copywriting Masterclass I hosted with Melissa, and for swinging by.

I’ve bundled together three resources for you, that will help you amp up your copy and uplevel your writing skills:

How To Get Killer Testimonials (PDF Guide)

One of the most powerful ways to enhance your sales page is by including testimonials… But not all ‘testies’ are created equal.

So how can you stack the odds in your favour of receiving a testimonial that’s highly persuasive to your prospects? And what’s the best way to weave them into your sales copy? This guide’s got you covered.


Stop Wishing, Start Working (eBook)

+ Do you have a creative vision thrumming in your heart?

+ Are you aching to bring your ideas to life?

+ But are you struggling to get the work done and make it happen?

This eBook will help you overcome resistance, get the work done and make your ideas happen.

Touted by one raving reader as β€˜the least bullshit ebook ever written,’ (the best/funniest review I’ve ever gotten!) this is a high-inspo resource that pulls no punches. These are the exact tips, tricks and resources that I use to get my butt in my chair every single day and write my heart out (300 000 words in the past six months and counting!).


Love Your Launch (eBook)

You’ve made your product or program, you’re super proud of it, and now it’s time to launch it out into the world. (Hallelujah!)

It’s only then that you realise: Launches are hard. And scary. And Holy Smokes there’s a lot of work to do!

This guide (based on my experience working behind-the-scenes with some of the biggest names in the biz) will help you stay sane, avoid overwhelm, and actually enjoy the launching process.



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