Kickass Copywriting

You’ve got the vision, the idea, the dream…

You want to step up and take your business to the next level…

You’re ready to make some noise – and some sweet cashola…

But you don’t have the words to make it happen.

I can help.

Hi, I’m Jess. I’m a renegade writer, a creative strategist, and a full-blown word-nerd.

I help mission-driven biz owners connect with their tribe and tell their story. I craft kickass copy that’s smart, sassy and sacred. Oh, and that helps you make heaps of sales…

When I read the copy Jess had written for me, I was bowled over – and freaking exhilarated! Jess is a super-talent and a TOTAL pro. In a heartbeat, she captured the essence of my message beautifully, intuitively and powerfully – shining a bright light on all the parts that just weren’t coming together for me. The way she effortlessly weaves words is cause for celebration alone, but to have someone give you that kind of electric clarity around your offers? Priceless. Overwhelmed with gratitude for this lady’s phenomenal skills. Get her on your team!

Rachel MacDonald | Writer + Life/Blog Coach, In Spaces Between

Tell me, sweet thing…

+ Have you got an amazing product or service to launch into the world, and you really want to do it justice with expert sales copy?

+ Do you wish that someone could distill your essence (and your awesomeness) into clear, conversational copy?

+ Are you ready to uplevel your communication in a way that’s smart and strategic AND has loads of soul?

+ Are you longing to get back to your passion, your work and true zone of genius, knowing a pro (who’s hell-bent on your success) has your back?

+ Do you want a writer who’s not just about pretty words and punchy phrases, but who’s focused on genuine connection with your audience and positioning you as a leader in your field?

If you said (hell) yes to any of the above, you’ve found the right write place.


I craft copy that makes your business soar.



This is about going pro. About making sure the words on your website reflect the true value you provide your customers. And about making sure your copy is doing its job. Which is:

Articulating the essence of what you do.

Impressing the pants off your readers.

Turning them into die-hard customers.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

But there’s more to good copy than just reeling ‘em in and cranking up the conversions.

This is about finding the words that feel good and that freaking work. I want to help you communicate in a way that’s super-effective, but that’s also grounded in integrity, heart and feel-it-in-your bones truth. It’s about ditching the slick n’ sleazy in favour of connection.

And let me tell you: it’s a game-changer.

Jess Larsen’s work blew my mind. She got my voice, nailed the copy and had me giggling at my own sales pages. The response from my clients has been OUT OF THIS WORLD. Working with Jess was one of the best investments I have EVER made for my business and I am deliriously happy with her work. Get Jess’s words for your business if you are ready for your sales to go BOOM!

Ellissa Nagle | Branding Guru / Designer Extraordinaire, Ellissa Jayne Creative | Flourish Online

Working with me is…

Collaborative, creative and playful.
I dive into your business (and your brain) to extract the brilliance and wrangle it into words.

We kick things off with…

A questionnaire and a Skype session.
Then I sit my butt in my chair and get writing. You can expect your first draft within 7-10 days.

Your input is super important to me…

That’s why I offer three rounds of revision (I’m all about the collab).
Make comments and suggestions and I’ll make your words shine.

This is more than standard web copy…

Seriously — this is ‘next level’ stuff.
And it’s all about using your copy to take you and your business pro.

This type of word-slinging is not for everyone…

It’s perfect for you if…

// You value creativity, innovation and quality.

// You have a clear vision for your business and brand.

// You’re ready to step it up and go pro.

// You pour your heart and soul into your business (this is so much more than just a ‘job’ to you).


But I might not be the gal for you if…

// You’re not committed to your business for the long-term.

// You’re still trying to come up with your business idea or offerings.

// You’re looking for sell-at-all-costs sales pitches.

// You’re not ready to go pro.

// You need your stuff written, like, yesterday (my schedule fills up fast).


Gosh, does this wonderful lady have a magical way with words. A good friend had suggested her for a project I’d been working on for some time and I was not disappointed to have contacted her. Her services are of such very high quality. She got me and my brand and understood my product right from the start. Working with Jess has been one of the best investments I’ve made for my business. Thank you so much Jess, beaming so much gratitude to you and your amazing gifts. You’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with and I cannot recommend you highly enough.

Corona Brady | Intuitive Heart + Soul Infused Life Coach, Yoga Teacher + Energy Healer, Nurture Pod


So if I’m speaking your language and this sounds like your cup of chamomile, I’d love to help you take your business to the next level.


I can write your…

+ Home page – Your front porch, your welcome mat. Give your readers that incomparable feeling of recognition. ‘Oh, she gets me.’

+ About page – One of the most trafficked pages on your website. Let’s make sure it tells your story and builds lasting connection to your people.

+ Long-form sales pageThis is how you bring in the moolah. We want it smart, strategic and infused with soul. (Get this one right and you can revolutionise your business.)

+ 3 email autoresponders for your opt-in – Most people aren’t using their nurture sequence effectively. These babies are important (and key to an engaged list). Let’s make ‘em count!

+ FAQ page – Save yourself time and hassle (and serve your customers more effectively) through a well-constructed FAQ page.

+ Start Here page – The signpost, the starting point, the compass of your site. This page shows your customers you care, and can make ‘em fall head over heels with you and your brand.

+ ‘Is this you?’ page – Never work with people who aren’t your ideal clients again.

+ Speaking page – Get gigs. ‘Nuff said.

+ Media page – Make it easy for the press and potential ad buyers to get to know (and love) your business.

+ Manifesto – What do you stand for? What are your values? Start a revolution through a carefully constructed manifesto.

+ Contact page – Delight your customers with a page most site owners don’t even think about.

+ 20 awesome blog headlines (with SEO keywords) – For those times when you just want a seasoned pro to get big-picture, give you good ideas, and get you going.

+ Want to ski off-piste? Hit me up and I’ll see what I can do.


Choose from the following 3 packages…

Package #1: The Kickstarter

Choose any THREE of the above pages

Includes these BONUSES:

+ Love Your Launch eBook — to help you stay sane, 
avoid overwhelm, 
& actually enjoy the launching process

+ How to Get Kick-Ass Testimonials eBook — to help you… well, get kick-ass testimonials!

Your investment: $2,300 (AUD)

Package #2: The Powerhouse

Choose any FIVE of the above pages.

Includes these BONUSES:

+ Love Your Launch eBook — to help you stay sane, 
avoid overwhelm, 
& actually enjoy the launching process

+ How to Get Kick-Ass Testimonials eBook — to help you… well, get kick-ass testimonials!

+ 5 personalised blog post ideas PLUS a guide on how to use SEO to optimise your website

Your investment: $3,200 (AUD)

Package #3: Sales Page + Sales Funnel

Launching a product, service or program? Want to make sure that it, like, actually makes money?

With a brand new long-form sales page AND an 8-part sales email sequence, you’ll have all your launch copy ready to rock (and all strategically crafted for maximum conversions).

Includes these BONUSES:

+ Love Your Launch eBook — to help you stay sane, 
avoid overwhelm, 
& actually enjoy the launching process

+ How to Get Kick-Ass Testimonials eBook — to help you… well, get kick-ass testimonials!

+ 5 personalised blog post ideas PLUS a guide on how to use SEO to optimise your website

Your investment: $3,499 (AUD)


Trying to sell my product is a bit tricky. Energy healing is a difficult concept to put across to people. I have written about twenty different sales pages in the past two years, I actually thought I was getting pretty good at it. Recently I have decided to invest a bit more into my business, you know… ‘going pro!” Well let me tell you about the single best investment that I have made in my business so far. Ms Jessica Larsen at Hello Wordsmith. She took the words from my sales page and turned them into a story that had me mesmerised. By the end of the story, I was ready to purchase a session from myself. I now have her booked to rewrite my website and edit my upcoming book. Jess really is the woman who can get your message out to the world.

Damien Meldrum | Creator + Director, Open 2 Life

Ready to get this party started?

First up, shoot an email to jess (at) hellowordsmith (dot) com and let me know which package tickles your fancy.

Then I’ll be in touch tout suite to nail down the details and schedule your copy overhaul.


Stop settling for so-so copy.

Be strategic about your words and your writing.

Going pro starts here.

+ + +