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David Attenborough’s Bare Ass & The Big Secret to Writing Well

Confession time. I once wrote an About Me page for a client that proudly described how much she loved ‘facilitating big shits’ in her clients’ lives. …Oh what a difference one tiny missing ‘f’ makes! Then there was that time I agreed to a rush job for a corporate client, didn’t have as much time… Read more »

Can’t decide which idea to pursue? Here’s how to choose.

It’s the universal creative dilemma: You’ve got a bunch of potential projects buzzing around in your head, and you don’t know which idea to choose. You’re kind of attached to all of them (they’re pretty dang brilliant, after all), you KNOW that each of them could work, and the indecision is killing you… What, in… Read more »

How to bust through your fear of the blank page

The flashing cursor. The snow-white screen. The slowly mounting terror. When you sit down to write, the fear of the blank page can be incredibly overwhelming. Whether you’re writing a novel, an essay, a blog post, or simply a letter to a friend, that endless expanse of nothingness can make it very hard to get… Read more »