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2013 is the year of the ship…

[Aaaand she’s back! Thank you all for sticking around despite my Christmas hiatus. I hope you all had a wonderful festive season, and are ready-and-raring to kick ass in 2013. Honestly, seriously: all my love!]   For the past month, I have felt this insane level of resistance every time I sit down to write…. Read more »

Awake my soul

Do you start to feel unlike yourself when you haven’t created enough? I get this ‘off’ feeling. It starts out being really subtle, just this delicate echo on the edge of my thoughts that something is missing. This message is easy to ignore. It’s easy to tamp it down by continuing to fill my mind… Read more »

It’s time to spend it all…

Are you hoarding your creative pennies? Do you come up with an excellent idea, only to be too scared to use it in your current work (painting, writing, wood-whittling, etc) because this current work… well, it just doesn’t seem good enough? Do you think of an awesome guitar riff or plot device or dance move or… Read more »