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I love him, his smile, and the kitchen sink

You can look at Valentine ’s Day as just another schlocky excuse to buy more stuff that we don’t need. (Although frankly, I ALWAYS need more chocolate and flowers, so even this pessimistic definition doesn’t really hold up.) And while my boyfriend and I don’t ‘celebrate’ Valentine’s Day in the sense of fancy dinners or… Read more »

Quiet as the default setting

As someone with a tendency to overanalyse, over-emote and overthink EVERYTHING, I have found that it’s best to set up little practices in my daily routine that help me make a little room for peace and quiet inside me. That set me up for space rather than stress. One such tweak that is super simple… Read more »

Stop Wishing & Start Working:a love-filled guide for writers, artists and other dreamers.

It’s here! I’m so excited to share this here ebook baby with you. It’s something that’s been bubbling away for months, and is now ready to flit its way into hearts, minds and iPads everywhere! (And PS, it’s totally free!) This ebook is about overcoming Resistance. It’s about doing the work and making it happen…. Read more »