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Tidbits of Lovin’…

The sun is shining and it’s a brand new day. I’m still chained to my cubicle for now (not forever though, cue maniacal laughter!) but am feeling happy and hopeful that things are changing! Here are some little tidbits that are keeping me going right now and that brighten my day. 1. Lady Gaga gives… Read more »

Wednespiration: the first!

Today is often known as hump day, and I don’t like it. For starters, the word ‘hump’ to me immediately conjures images of… well, let’s just say they’re not PG images. And for seconds, I do not want my thinking to be ‘I’m halfway through ANOTHER week at work, lets celebrate the fact that yet… Read more »

Little Love Notes!

Dear sun, Thank you for reappearing and being so bright. I definitely feel happier when you are around. I hope the feeling is mutual! ♥ Dear peanut butter, You are so freaking tasty on my gluten free toast. You are so good, sometimes I just want to rub you all over myself. Then I remember that… Read more »