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Little moments of me-time

1. For so long, I have meditated. Probably for about ten years now. But never with true dedication. I have always wanted to have a ‘meditation habit’, where I meditate easily and effortlessly every morning, preferably in a sunlit room with a garden view. What I have instead, is the unwavering desire to meditate at… Read more »


Good morning lover-peeps! Welcome to this week’s edition of Wednespiration, where we refuse to let people put their negative ‘hump-day’ connotations on another fresh day filled with endless potentiality. Instead, it’s so much better to focus on the positive, inspiring things that life has to offer. Actively choosing to focus on what you want out of life – and… Read more »

What to do when work is really shit – Part One

1. Be grateful. When your work is really shit, it is an impetus to actually create meaningful change. If instead your work was merely almost-kinda-maybe-bearable-but-not-really, then it is easy to fool yourself into thinking that circumstances will eventually change (more money, a promotion etc) and that things will get better, without you ever actually doing something about… Read more »