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Imagine a stage…

Imagine a stage… The walls behind you are black, the floor beneath you polished wood. Your feet are bare, and you can feel your toes on the wood. You’re wearing a costume that undeniably represents you — maybe it’s a plume-red tutu over a black leotard, maybe it is a polka-dotted skirt, maybe it’s a… Read more »

Little Love Notes

Dear Spring, I can feel the change in the air already! September is only just upon us, but already there is that different feeling in the air and the promise of summer just around the corner. You fill me with hope and possibility. Thanks for swinging by!   Dear September Sky, You are so blue and… Read more »

I need a hobby

The philosopher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (phew!) talks of a concept that he has labeled the ‘autotelic experience’ or ‘flow’. Flow in this sense means ‘a particular kind of experience that is so engrossing and enjoyable that it becomes autotelic: worth doing for its own sake, even though it may have no consequences outside itself’. Creative pursuits,… Read more »