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Thursday news – Guest Post

Check out my guest post over at Jessica Nazarali’s gorgeous blog Live Healthy Simply. It’s about the unexpected joys of having a personal mission statement for your life. Check it! ♥ Image from here.

Friday lovin’

  Hola my munchy honeycakes!*   (*Apparently ‘munchy honeycakes’ is an in-joke on ye olde kids’ classic TV show ‘Bananas in Pajamas’. I am not a regular watcher of this show, however the phrase tickles me and sounds so gosh-darn happy and delicious! Are you thinking what I’m thinking B1? If what you’re thinking is that munchy… Read more »

It’s time to spend it all…

Are you hoarding your creative pennies? Do you come up with an excellent idea, only to be too scared to use it in your current work (painting, writing, wood-whittling, etc) because this current work… well, it just doesn’t seem good enough? Do you think of an awesome guitar riff or plot device or dance move or… Read more »