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Chaos and Connection: Travelling in Italy

I went to a Catholic primary school. And although I was a terrible Catholic, I was an excellent student. So in grade seven, when our Italian teacher informed us that she was holding an ‘Italian prayer competition’, I knew I had to win. (Naturally.) It didn’t matter that the prize was something that I didn’t… Read more »

Has it always been this noisy?

 “Happiness can only be found if you free yourself from all other distractions.” ~ Saul Bellow While knee-deep in writing his best known book, Henry David Thoreau felt that there was too much clatter and distraction going on. In order to focus, he fled the city for his rural cabin, saying “I went to the… Read more »

Real Love

Last week, my man and I celebrated our four year anniversary. He was away at work (as he is every second week), but that didn’t matter — we’re not big ‘celebrators’ of these kinds of events anyway. Well, not in the traditional sense. I did my usual thing — found him a cheesy card, tucked… Read more »